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Tips on How and When To Ground Yourself

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Grounding yourself is a term that is widely used in the spiritual business. However, it is trending now across ALL business, making it a term and practice many are picking up. The good news here is that it works and it is an important step in your every day life.

What we are talking about here is ENERGY. Spiritual grounding is essential in your life. You don't even have to be a spiritually inclined person, for that matter. The important takeaway here is to have a solid spiritual grounding connection to the earth.

Human beings are all spiritual beings of energy, however, sometimes you can lose your footing and a feeling of "floating" is noticed. While this feeling can sometimes feel good, as you don't have to "work" on your feelings or other issues in your life for a while, it could cause some undesired side effects you may not want to experience later. We call this "floating" being ungrounded.

You may be asking yourself, "How can I tell if I am ungrounded?". That is the easy part. See if from the list below, you can identify something that is happening now, or has happened before:

  • Working with spirit for long periods of time. – Any type of spiritual work will cause you to become ungrounded. But don't be misguided by this statement. When working constantly with spiritual work, we tend to gravitate to the heavenly realms. There is no earth on the realm to properly ground, therefore, we lose our connection to Pachamama (Shaman term for earth, Gaia). That is very easily corrected.

  • Working with energy (Healing, Qi Gong, and other forms) – Proper grounding after using these high vibrational energy healing modalities may seem like less of an issue because of the nature of this type of healing, however, it may still cause this problem if grounding with this new heightened energy is not provided to your self after every healing session.

  • Being tired (fatigue). – Tiredness is a bit of a double-edged sword, as it is a cause and effect of being ungrounded for long periods of time. This is the time where Science needs to step in first by vising a doctor, therapist or nurse practitioner and solving any bodily or mental issues that may be causing fatigue. Once body science has ruled out it is not an issue with the body or body mind, then we move on to the spiritual healer and/or Shaman to determine where the spiritual balance issue is at. The remedy could be as easy as 1, 2, 3. 1) take off your shoes and walk barefoot more often outside, 2) drink more water, or 3) sit under a tree and rest your back or hug the tree for at least 15 minutes.

  • Injury. – Have you ever hurt yourself for no reason or felt a little woozy all of a sudden? That, too, may mean that you require grounding; however, the physical aspect of the injury and shock MUST be addressed first! See a doctor first! Then we can address the spiritual side.

  • Other reasons. – There are many other, less-known reasons for becoming ungrounded. You may just start to feel or hear your body telling you there is a need to walk barefoot or a yearning to be outside or even hug a tree. Meditation is key. Here are more reasons to talk with your therapist with regards to grounding issues:

Lightheadedness or dizziness.

Feeling tired even after a restful sleep.

Unable to concentrate or focus.

Frequent episodes of forgetfulness.




Grounding has so many good side effects that it is no wonder more and more people are doing it. It helps keep you in the HERE AND NOW on what it is you are doing. Ground yourself with any technique below and you will find yourself dealing better with feelings, emotions, hearing, feeling, sensing and more. It's the math. It's science.

Grounding Visualization Self Meditation Technique

Sit down somewhere outside where it is peaceful and calm. The sand near the ocean waves, a park where birds are chirping, etc. Clear your space with either smudging or a pendulum or simply closing your eyes and envisioning you area extending tow to three feet from you receiving a beautiful white light from the Universal Life Force. Envision, this white light protecting you and those around you.

Give yourself the time you need for this self meditation technique. You can make this 5 minutes, up to 1 hour. It all depends on the time you have intended for YOU. The rest is manifested by you; for you.

Be comfortable. You can sit, or lie down.

Close your eyes and allow yourself to become part of the wind, the sound, the energy all around you. Become those things. When you do this and practice it enough, you will notice that you become ONE with everything around you. Find your heartbeat and concentrate on your breath and heartbeat synchronizing each other.

Relax. Start by relaxing your feet and continue going up the body slowly. Softening up every muscle as you bring in your conscious awareness to your body parts. Talk to them as they relax under your command. Take deep breaths and with every exhale, one body part begins to soften and so on.

Visualize your grounding experience. Here is where you will be using your creative brain to create an experience only you could create. Visualize roots extending outward from the soles of your feet. These roots will open up the ground below you and they will nestle themselves into the ground, creating a connection. Envision how your positive ions begin to flow from head down to your toes and as these ions begin to flow downward, you are nourishing the earth with much needed energy you have been storing.

Now visualize the earth, swallowing the positive ions and releasing deep healing and grounding energies up towards you and encompassing your auric space. Your meridians, chakras and spiritual chakras all receive this ultimate healing vibration from the earth. Your frequencies now begin to vibrate higher and higher. You feel your heart chakra get fuller and fuller with love and compassion. You realize you are the one standing between heaven and earth. You are the conduit that receives information, guidance, instructions, love and compassion from both the universe and the earth.

You realize just how important a conduit you are. And you realize how much you are loved.

Take deep breathes and bring yourself back to the present slowly. Drink a cold glass of water to seal the body grounding. Stretch and go about your daily activities in peace, joy, and glory.

For those of you that like to use stones and/or crystals for grounding (because of where they come and because their energy is that of grounding), here is a list of the ones you could acquire and keep with you daily:

Agates (all kinds) balances yin and yang.

Fire Agate - calmness, safety, security.

Chrysoberyl - Grounding and protection at the same time.

Bloodstone - Grounds the heart chakra, reduces aggression, impatience, irritability.

Galena - General grounding stone.

Magnetite - Keeps you grounded with the magnetic field from the earth.

Smoky Quartz - grounds well and raises your meditation vibrations.

Tourmalinated Quartz - General grounding deflecting negative energies.

Brown Spinel - Connects you to the earth to ground you.

Brown Tourmaline - Clears and opens earth chakra.

Unakite - Grounding after meditation or energy/spiritual work.

There are many more you can research on the internet.

Thank you for reading our blog. We hope it helps you in many ways. If you have questions or concerns, talk to your therapist first. You will be guided on what to do next.

May today bring you happiness in all dimensions and frequencies.


Mary Nunez, Minister & LRMT

Universal Healing Shaman/Author


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