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The frequency of gratitude vibrates at 540 MHz. This feeling is on the same wavelength as that of LOVE. Gratitude happens to be one of the highest vibrational frequencies we know of. When you make space in your life for gratitude and love, the more your body raises its own frequencies making it healthier in many ways.

Gratitude is one of the most powerful catalysts of happiness and joy. Scientifically, this is proven showing that when we offer thanks and gratitude, our own cerebrum discharges dopamine and serotonin. These two are two of the most vital of synapses that control our feelings but more important than that, these two synapses cause us all to feel great. Making us have a great day.

Energetically speaking, gratitude helps adjust our energies so that we can experience more happiness in our lives and want to work towards progression of self and growth. It is a tremendous helper in our transformation.

Life is an amazing opportunity to become happy and joyous in our journey. It helps attract good things to our own paths and certainly allows for us to feel less burdened and less stressed. No wonder being in a state of gratitude opens us all up to receive what we call blessings and more abundance in all aspects of our lives.

Always remembering that you are truly loved is one way of showing gratitude. A great mantra to recite at least once a day is:

"Today I choose to be thankful and grateful for the bright light of this morning and for allowing myself to feel the renewed energy and power to be who I know fully I AM!"

High frequency emotions just feel great! When you feel grateful, you feel a type of euphoria for that which you are in appreciation of, therefore you are making space for positive feelings and energies.

If you are looking for an antidote for negative emotions and lower frequencies, try gratitude! It neutralizes many emotions like hostility, anger, envy, irritation, worries. It is a gift that will last forever and every time you open yourself to that frequency, it's like you are opening up a birthday present.

In essence the following holds true:

"Gratitude makes sense of you releasing your past and never having to look back. It brings PEACE for your present and creates SPACE to build your future" ~Mary Nunez

How can you best bring gratitude into your daily life? Meditation! Time for a little solitude and permission to allow yourself to feel this frequency is a must. Start slow and make it a good habit!

Thank you for reading today's helpful blog.

Mary Nunez

MH Cares LLC


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