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  • After my first appointment, what do I do?
    After your first appointment, please contact Mary at 561 777 8345 Ext. 1 for more appointments. It is a good idea to schedule at least a month ahead. It makes it easier for you as well as for us.
  • Do you only offer Virtual Visits?
    Yes. At this time, all of our visits are virtual. Soon, we will have on-site therapists. Our goal has always been to keep everyone safe, including you and yours and our families.
  • What insurance companies are you participating with?
    We are currently participating with Aetna, Humana, Cigna, BC BS of Florida, UHC, Optum, Magellan, Medicare as Primary, Devoted, Care Plus, Preferred Care Plus. We DO NOT TAKE Medicaid products.
  • Is MH Cares LLC taking new clients?
    Yes. We are.
  • Where do I call for an appointment?
    Great question! You can call us directly at 561 777 8345 for any appointment. If you are having a medical emergency, please call 911 or go to your local emergency room.
  • If I have a copay or deductible, how does MH Cares collect on these?
    Once your insurance company sends you your explanation of payment (EOP/EOB), you will see where your insurance company has placed a "patient responsibility" column that shows what you are ultimately responsible for. MH Cares requires a credit card on file. You will be notified by SMS text messaging on your phone and via email when there is an amount due. We are well aware that sometimes insurance companies make mistakes when processing claims. If you see your insurance company has placed a "patient responsibility" amount on your EOB, call them immediately and let them know to reprocess the claim. Let us know and we will follow through. If you feel the amount on the SMS text message or email is incorrect, please call Mary at 561 777 8345 Ext. 1 and leave a message. After research, you will be called if there is anything more we need to help on the matter.
  • Does my insurance company pay for Energy or Shamanic work?
    Sandly, no. Insurance companies do not reimburse for shamanic or energy work.
  • What does my insurance company cover in regards to your services?
    It is always a great idea to call your insurance company directly for your benefits. We check for eligibility once we have registered you into our Medical Records system. However, not only does your insurance company want you to get well, we do too! We are estimating that your insurance company will be mindful about your starting out with the psychotherapy plan of action with weekly sessions for at least the first and second month. These sessions could be 1 hour long or 45 minutes long, depending on the insurance company's local coverage determination protocols as well as the utilization management department. After we begin to see improvement, you will be graduated to a 45 minute session every other week. You will graduate again after improvement with that treatment plan has shown significant improvement. It is our pleasure to get you to a once monthly maintenance program. However, if you feel you have a new or exacerbated most current issue arising, after a new assessment, you will be placed again at the weekly session and work with you to graduate once more. Your therapist will be more than happy to speak with you about this treatment modality directly.
  • Welcome to our FAQ Section.
    We hope this section will help you.
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